Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (as well as Zoombezi Bay!)

Okay, so the first stop/location that we are going to in our adventure blog is none other than near the capital of Ohio, at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium!  Pictured above is none other than one of the newest members to the zoo, the polar bear, which is now considered an important member of the zoo community.  At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, there are over nine-thousand different types of animals, all representing their type of species.  There are animals from Africa, such as the lion, elephant and rhino, there are animals from Asia, such as the tiger and the sun bear, animals from Australia, such as the kangaroo and koala, several bird observatory, as well as the famous aquarium that has seating, so kids of all ages can watch the fish swim by.  For those that are interested in the animals that are scarier for some of the little kids, there are different types of “scary animals”, such as the brown bear, grizzly bear, crocodiles, and gorillas that the kid at heart would love to see in their lifetime.  

Each section of the zoo is unique depending on what area of the world.  For example, they have an Asia Quest section, which explores the continent of Asia and talks about the history, as well as the animals there.  There is a small African area that is home to the elephants, rhinos and lions.  There is a North American section as well, showcasing the animals of America, such as the bison.  There is an Australian section, which has its own bridge leading to it, and it even has a special “nighttime” building, dedicated to animals that are nocturnal and sleep during the day.  Each area can be explored, and you will learn something new every time you go to the zoo.  For those of you who do not like the summer heat or want to take a break from the animals, there is also the water park, Zoombezi Bay, which is connected to the zoo itself.  Zoombezi Bay has around ten different water rides and attractions, for when you want to enjoy the cool water in the summer air.  You can also buy the Zoombezi Bay/Columbus Zoo pass, and enjoy both experiences within the day or two with your friends and/or family! If you are lucky enough, you may even see “Jungle” Jack Hanna himself, who helped create this fine zoo.  So if you are up for, come on down to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium!

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