Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Go down to Kentucky and see the Mammoth Cave National Park!

Did you ever want to go and experience that of caves or underground tunnels?  Did you ever want to go explore the unknown, such as the Deep Ocean or underground caves?  If you answered yes to one of those questions, then Mammoth Cave National Park is the place that you need to go!  The Mammoth Cave National Park, located mostly in Edmonson County, Kentucky, is the world’s longest cave system known, stretching for around four-hundred miles across the county, and several other counties in Kentucky!  The first finding of Mammoth Cave was in the year 1797, where a group of hunters unknowingly came across the large opening to the cave, according to legend.  The large opening can contain that of a building that is several stories tall, making it one of the biggest cave openings!  The park itself was not founded until the 1940’s, when it was decided that the caves needed to be preserved so that future generations can come and explore the cave and it’s mysteriousness and the vastness of the cave once you are inside of it!

If you are interested in learning more about the cave, you can go on guided tours and experience the inside of the cave and how big it is in person.  The cave, once you are inside of it, is pitch black, and once your tour guides remove the light, you cannot even see your hands in front of your face.  If you are afraid of the dark, then brace yourself for when this happens!  The cave has many different types of stalagmites and stalactites.  The one picture above is one of the biggest stalactite collections within the cave.  The stalactite formation resembles that of a waterfall, and tourists wanting to see it can get up close and personal with this amazing formation!  If you plan on spending the entire day or a couple of days at the park, you can purchase a room at the hotel within the park, so that way you can take in the total experience of being on top of the world’s longest cave system!  So, if you are wanting to experience the full beauty of what our planet has to offer, then come on down to Edmonson County, Kentucky and experience the Mammoth Cave National Park for yourself and your friends and/or family!

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