Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Special Trip #1: Travel to Port Progreso in Yucatan!

Do you want to experience things outside of Ohio, and even outside that of the United States of America?  Then travel down to the Yucatan peninsula to Port Progreso!  Even though this area is not in the United States, it is still a place where you should go in your life time!  Pictured above is part of the port of Port Progreso.  Port Progreso is located at the edge of Yucatan, and you must travel there by boat, or a Carnival cruise ship such as the Elation, or you would not be able to get to this specific area, unless you would fly by plane further down in Yucatan and then travel by car to Port Progreso.  Port Progreso has several things to experience while you are there, such as having several different bars that you can go to and experience, where all of the bartenders and workers are polite and cater to the needs that you want, alcohol especially!  If you are not interested in the bar scene at Port Progreso, you can also travel through the strip mall and explore many different shops that cater to tourists and natives alike.  Most of the merchandise available is not too expensive, but if you want to go further into Port Progreso, you can find even cheaper deals!

However, if you do not want to buy merchandise or go to the bar scene at the port, you can go on several different tours that are available at the port.  Each tour is different in its own way, where one tour goes to some of the Mayan ruins, such as Chichen Itza, located a couple of hours away from Port Progreso.  There are other places to go to, such as other locations that are available for tourists to go to, such as going to the city of Merida, where you can experience what the peninsula of Yucatan has to truly offer!  Also, if you are a person who likes the warmer/tropical heat instead of the colder areas, then Port Progreso would be good for you!  The temperature at Port Progreso is always at a steady eighty to ninety-five degrees, so you can soak up the heat, the fun, and the sun!  So, if you are up for a little different type of adventure, then cruise down to Port Progreso in Yucatan!

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