Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Visit the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas!

Would you want to travel to a moment in time when the thought of revolution was an important subject within the United States, other than the Revolutionary War?  Then travel on down to San Antonio, Texas, and go see the Alamo!  The Alamo, still standing today, is an important moment in that of the Texas Revolution in 1836, where the last remaining Texans stood their ground to fight off the Mexican army.  Wave after wave of the Mexican Army crashed into the Alamo, only for the Texans to fight them off.  They managed to succeed in fighting off the Mexican Army, commanded by the General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, for two waves of attack.  During this attack, there were a total of one-hundred Texans that were garrisoned here to help fight off the Mexican Army.  Those who commanded the Texans were James Bowie and William B. Travis.  They arrived right before the oncoming Mexican Army threat to add several reinforcements for the cause.  Out of the many soldiers who defended the Alamo against the Mexican Army, those two co-commanders would be known as the most important figures of the Texas Revolution.

After the second wave of attacks were thrown off, the Mexicans arrived for a third wave, and the Texans were not able to successfully hold them off any more.  The soldiers, when the Mexicans were climbing up the walls to overtake the Alamo, decided to hide within the buildings inside the fort.  Only several of the defenders of the fort tried to escape, but were killed by the Mexican Army.  Those that decided to stay and fight against the Mexican Army took many soldiers with them to their graves.  Out of the battle, around two hundred Mexican soldiers had been killed by the Texans and their valiant efforts. Through the efforts of the Texans, they have shown that there can be resistance against the Mexican Army in the southern areas of the United States.  So, if you want to witness the area where all of this took place, then come on down and visit the Alamo down in San Antonio! You do not want to miss out on this once in a  life time opportunity!

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