Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ride the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast!

Are you ready to experience a thrill ride like never before?  Then travel to Sandusky, Ohio to experience that of Cedar Point, or America’s Roller Coast!  Cedar Point, built in 1870, is home to some of the world’s best amusement rides and roller coasts.  Pictured here is the second highest and fastest roller coaster in the world!  The Top Thrill Dragster is a monster, standing at around four-hundred and twenty feet in the air, and goes up to speeds at around one-hundred and twenty miles per hour within four seconds of take off!  This roller coaster, pictured above, is a beast, and if you come up to Cedar Point, you should not miss the opportunity to ride it!  There are, of course, other monster roller coasters within the park.  There is the Millennium Force, which is the second highest and fastest roller coaster within the park.  The Millennium Force holds the record as the World’s Favorite Roller Coaster for several years in a row.  This roller coaster definitely holds true to that award!  The highest point within this roller coaster is at three-hundred and teen feet, and it goes up to speeds at around ninety-three miles per hour!  There are hardly any other coasters that can compare to this beast, which was open to the public starting in May of 2000!  Of course, there are fourteen other roller coasters that you can ride, including the brand new Gatekeeper!

If you want to experience of what Cedar Point can fully bring, then come and visit during the fall season, when Halloween creeps into the park!  From the end of September through October 31st, HalloWeekends is an interesting take on the Halloween spirit.  Only on the weekends, HalloWeekends consists of different areas that you can go to and experience a scare or two!  If you have kids, then you can stay in the center of the park, where it is a kid friendly atmosphere, or go to Camp Snoopy, where the monsters are not as scary.  The rest of the park has around four indoor haunted houses, and six outdoors haunted paths, where everyone can be scared by the goblins and ghouls that roam the streets!  Every time you visit Cedar Point, you will have a unique and one of a kind experience, so, if you’re up for the thrill of riding the roller coasters like Top Thrill Dragster, or getting “scared stiff” by the monsters of HalloWeekends, then come on up to Cedar Point, America’s Roller Coast!

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