Friday, February 28, 2014

Special Trip #2: Travel to the Uxmal Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan!

Have you ever wanted to go and explore places of ancient times and that of mystery?  If you ever wanted to do so, then head on down to the Yucatan peninsula and see the Uxmal Mayan ruins!  Uxmal is located in the Yucatan, and it is considered one of the largest and oldest of the Mayan ruins to be discovered so far there!  Uxmal can be traveled to by coming from a Carnival cruise ship, arrive at Port Progeso, and then take a tour bus to that location to witness a once in a lifetime experience!  The site around Uxmal has a World Heritage site, dedicated to preserving the discoveries still being found within the city of Uxmal, as well as letting people know how important and mysterious the ancient Mayan culture was at the time.  If you want to go and visit the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, it is suggested that you should wear hiking shoes, as you will have to climb some of the highest locations in the city of Uxmal, which is seen in the picture above.  This picture was taken at the second highest location in Uxmal, and once you are at the top of this magnificent building, you can see several other locations within and around Uxmal where they have not uncovered yet.  This is a breathtaking experience!

If you wish to come see the Mayan city, it would be best if you were to go during the colder seasons of the month, as the temperatures can reach up to that of around one-hundred and twenty degrees, and that is in the shade!  At the Heritage center, there are several places that you can go in and experience, such as different tourist shops, where you can buy authentic Mayan masks and carvings, and a restaurant which serves authentic Mexican and/or Mayan cuisine!  If you want to go on a tour, you can hire a tour guide, who is a Mayan, which will take you into the city of Uxmal.  These tour guides will give you all of the information about the city and Mayan culture that you could wish to hear!  Also, while walking through the city, make sure that you look for different animals that live in that area, such as the Iguana, which there are many different shapes and sizes of these creatures!  So, if you want to have your breath taken away by the mysterious and amazing scenery of a city that has been around from long ago, then go on down to the Yucatan peninsula and visit the Uxmal Mayan ruins!

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