Friday, February 14, 2014

Go to Mason, Ohio and ride The Beast at Kings Island!

If you are up to riding some more roller coasters other than Cedar Point, then you would love to go on down to that of Kings Island and experience some of the top thrill rides in Ohio!  At Kings Island, you can experience riding some of the thrill rides that cannot be experienced anywhere else, such as the record setting Beast!  The Beast holds the record as the highest and fastest wooden roller coaster.  The Beast was built in 1979 and was considered to be the best roller coaster at the time it was built.  The drop of the roller coaster at the highest point is one-hundred and forty-one feet high, and it travels at around sixty-five miles per hour.  Because of the speed and velocity with which it travels, it is still considered one of the top amusement rides/roller coasters in Ohio, and around the Easter side of the United States of America.  If you do not want to ride this monster, then you can go ride some of the other top thrill rides within the park.  There is the ride called the Firehawk, which is a roller coaster where riders face the ground at all times during the course of the ride.  There is also the indoor coaster called the Flight of Fear, which takes you inside that of a U.F.O. in pure darkness!

There are other rides you can experience, such as that of the Drop Tower, standing at over three-hundred and fifteen feet high, the Invertigo, which takes you on a thrill ride facing other riders, which is an experience like never before!  There is also the Delirium, which takes riders on a circular ride, and swings them back and forth up to a height of one-hundred and thirty-seven feet!  There is also the newest ride to the pack, called the Diamondback, which take riders through speeds of eighty miles per hour, and through many twists and turns like none of the other coasters within the park!  Also, just like Cedar Point, if you want to experience what Kings Island has to fully offer, you can go during Halloween and experience their Halloween Haunt, which has most of the same haunted attractions like that of Cedar Point.  So, if you are up for the experience of riding the Beast and being scared by other beasts and ghouls, then come on to Mason, Ohio to Kings Island!

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