Friday, February 21, 2014

Take a cruise around the American coast and in the United States territories!

Do you want to experience different areas of the United States, but do not want to travel by land or air?  Then you would want to go down south of the United States and ride on a cruise ship particularly that of a Carnival cruise ship from the Carnival Cruise Lines!  Carnival Cruise Lines, founded in 1971 by Ted Arison, is a major cruise ship line that takes passengers down through the coasts of the United States, and to other areas that are either that of United States territory, or areas that belong to the country of Mexico.  Each Carnival cruise ship is unique in its own way, each with its own certain amount of passengers that it can hold, the amount of different types of entertainment that it has within the ship, and the different areas for people to eat at when they are hungry.  Pictured above is the cruise ship Elation, which contains around two-thousand passengers.  Each cruise ship has one or two special dining restaurants, where passengers get to eat in luxury, but they have to dress in formal attire if they wish to go to these restaurants.  Each cruise ship also has different areas for all ages, where there are special areas just for kids, such as arcades, hangout “bar” areas for kids to chat to other kids, and water slides and a pool on the main deck of the ship.  For adults, there are other type of activities, such as the ship having several different bars for drinking activities, as well as a place where adult oriented comedians go to.

When it comes to comedians and other famous people, the Carnival Cruise Lines has many famous people go on a cruise, either performing their specialty, or just going on the cruise ship just to have some fun like the other passengers on board.  There are times where many cruise ships have special events for famous celebrities, such as the Live Concert Series, where there are numerous singers/musicians that travel on the cruise ships during the course of the five to seven day cruises and perform concerts for passengers who want to experience what the Carnival has to fully offer!  So, if you want to experience other areas of the United States that not too many people can go to in their life, or go down to Mexico and experience a change of culture, then get on board one of the cruise ships of Carnival Cruise Lines!

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